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A Brief History of God / String Theory (5.68 MB)
Cat Herders (2.96 MB)
Cookie Blues (2.94 MB)
Dancing Collie (4.3 MB)
Einstein the Bird (2.23 MB)
Funny Cats (2.7 MB)
The Haircut (1.35 MB)
House Lights (4.19 MB)
I Can't Dance (5.22 MB)
Laughing Babies (2.93 MB)
Mean Little Kitty (15.2 MB)
Planet Earth (16.2 MB)
Piano Genius (2 MB)
Salmon Fishing (381 KB)
Sand by Sicaf (18.4 MB)
Skating Dog (756 KB)
Skeleton (18.8 MB)
Sliding (5.11 MB)
Smart Dog (2.93 MB)
That's MY Bone!!! (2.8 MB)
Who's On First? (784 KB)
Words Attributed to Chief Seattle (737 KB)
(Wikipedia's report on Chief Seattle's speech)